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How to restore Character in 2022?


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I wanted to delete a character that I didn't need, but I deleted the main one, I want to restore it. Plz help!

Re: the thread title: The same way you did in previous years.


Submit a polite(1) in-game ticket, and make sure to provide as much as possible of the following information:

* The character's name, spelled 100% accurately, including all accents, tildes, cedillas and so on(2) in the right places.

* The server you deleted the character on.

* The character's origin story, combat styles, species, sex, and level. If you don't know the exact level, at least give a rough idea.

* Roughly when it happened, including timezone.


Make sure that the title is something like "Please restore a character deleted in error."


In my experience (er, I've done the same thing you did a couple of times), it's handled pretty quickly.


(1) You'd be ... well, I wanted to say, "surprised," but I'll settle for "distressed" instead ... distressed by the number of people who complain about poor customer service (almost anywhere, not just here) and it turns out they *started* by being rude about the situation, the ancestry of the customer service representatives, and so on.


(2) Erroneously referred to as "special characters" (they are ordinary in languages where they are used) or "alt codes" (which strictly refers to the "hold Alt and type the code that generates the character you want" method of typing them).

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