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Even Worth the Effort? - (Legendary) Thyrsian Fitted Armor


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Legendary Thyrsian Fitted Gear doesn't seem worth the overall effort atm when you'll just have worse stats in a Warzone.



Not just buying it but going to all the trouble to unlock the 328+ modifications, is it even worth it when you end up with worse stats in a Warzone than just keeping Artifact Thyrsian 328 gear?


My stats went down when I put on my Legendary gear with Prototype 330 Armorings and Mods and Artifact 328 Enhancement (still work in progress to get Artifact 330 gear piece to unlock purple 330 modifications) - I made sure to have the same setup and saw outside of the Warzone a ever so slight stat increase with an averaged item rating of 329.


Paying 75 WZ-1 Tokens per piece, in addition to going to get 205 FP-1 Tokens to upgrade pieces; I'm just left wondering what's the point if you can't make it at least even 'equal' to 328 Artifact Thyrsian gear sets?


Leaving the Thyrsian Fitted Gear on PTS until there was actual a full list of Artifact 328 modifications might have been better than releasing Adaptive PVP armor that bolsters down and gives worse stats; idk but if feels now like a waste of time and effort that could have been done over a period of time if I had known I'd just be putting on worse gear than my the 328 I already upgraded to...


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