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Prove Your Best 1v1 Tournament (prize pool 3 bil)

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Main server: Darth Malgus (other server is allowed by agreement during particular matches)

Tournament type: Round Robin

Prize pool: credits

Ships: any

Map: Lost Shipyards TDM (no power-ups)

Match type: 1v1

Starting date: July 29th

The tournament will go for 1-2 weeks approximately. We will play our matches when we would have time.

Host: NikovUmSar (Remusqui)



1) Another server can be chosen for the match if both players agree to it. In any other cases, matches should be played on Darth Malgus server.

2) Match results would be confirmed if one of the conditions was met:

2.1) Admin spectator is present on the match.

2.2) One of the players has full recording of the match.

3) By choosing to record the match participant agrees to upload the recording on YouTube and to send its link to Host. Results would be confirmed by Host decision after watching the match recording.

4) If there is spectator from admin team, he confirms the results to Host.

5) Players can use any ship and any build on tournament.

5.1) Players can switch the ship during the match.

5.2) Players can change their ship board between matches.

6) To win the match player should score 10 times by destroying opponent’s ship. Self-destructs are counted as score to opponent. If match is stopped by time, its score is counted as final.

6.1) Ties are counted if the tournament type is Round Robin. If it's Swiss or Double Elimination, match needs to be replayed in case of a tie.

7) Kill is not counted if there was damage from any spectators.

8) If player got damage on conditions described in (7), he can SD without his opponent getting a score and return to match with full HP.

9) Any contentious situations will be handled by Host.

10) By registering on tournament player agrees to the above rules.


To register for a tournament, send the message in this thread that contains:

1) Player’s name (how should we refer to you on videos and so on)

2) Names of characters you will use during the tournament. It is recommended to use one Republic and one Imperial character.

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Matchups I want to see:


Verain vs DakhathKilrathi

Krixarcs vs Rhea Hawk

Audson-OP vs Yui

Skell vs Tsuin

Carlose vs Bacon

Aven Redwind vs Sparklefarts

Pickle Rick vs Fuzzy'Bunny

Despon vs Mikaboshi (both from GSF School/The Breakdown)

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Would've been great!

Verain doesn't like me though, he doesn't tell me jokes when I'm asking


If I had to pick someone I consider to be my rival, it'd probably be Kade-aeon.


I tend to go after him any game I see him simply because he's a slicer (Clarion), and Remote Slicing annoys the hell out of me. He's also one of those pilots who can single-handedly pick my team apart if he's left unchecked.

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