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[Event Invitation] Sword Master & Spoils of War Gear Trading


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Stroke my Wookie are running our Spoils of War Gear Trading event again and as part of our 10 Year Celebration series we're opening it up as a server event so all are welcome. You do not have to be a guild member to join in.


Most of the Spoils of War gear is bind on pickup however some is tradable and gives you achievements and titles (in 7.0). We will help you get these by trading the armor, tacticals and weapons.


When & Where?

Saturday 5th February 17:00 GMT/UTC - Darth Malgus Server: Imperial Fleet

(View in your timezone)


Achievements->Spoils of War




  • Cathar Honor Sword
  • Eliminator's Dual-Edge Vibrosword
  • Gladiator's Striker Techblade

Armor Sets

  • The Controller
  • Escape Artist
  • Force Bound
  • Woads Instinct


  • Cleanse the Agony
  • Combat Medic Training
  • Grit Teeth
  • Jerra's Persistence
  • Missile Backblast
  • Neural Trigger
  • Technical Debt
  • Undying Cloak


How to join in

I will be standing next to the guild bank on Imperial Fleet where you spawn when using the Emergency Fleet Pass. I'll be giving a few shoutouts in Fleet chat so you know what instance I'm on. Come to me and I'll help you out; first come, first served. I trade you the items, you get the achievements and trade them back.

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