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Setting cookies... TWICE! (And breaking multiple cookies laws!!


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*This is NOT an off-topic thread, but very much game related! Also it is bugged. So at least it belongs over there. Or here.





When I log into the site it takes me one minute to have the cookies resolved.

Which is way too long.

Then if my key fails (code not found), and I enter my key again (this time success), the cookies yet again reset and take yet another customerinfuriating minute!


EU cookie law is crushed by you guys btw.




When to Obtain Consent


Consent should be obtained the first time a user visits your site.


It does not need to be obtained upon return visits (you should be able to identify return visitors, thanks to cookies or by them login in ofcourse!). Once consent is received, you can assume the user consents to those same cookies each time they return.


You also do not need to obtain consent every time you change cookies. Provided you have already explained the purposes of the cookies on your website, changes to those cookies do not represent a violation of the original agreement, unless you have made significant changes to the way cookie information is being used. In that case, you will need to prompt users for consent once again.




I found even more EU cookie rules broken:




GDPR Cookie Consent


In the GDPR, all consent must be gathered and recorded from data subjects. Additionally, the Court Justice of the European Union rules that the only valid consent model for the gathering of personal data is explicit consent. Explicit consent must be given by the user on a website’s consent banner.


The consent banner cannot have pre-checked boxes giving consent on categories of cookies except for those deemed strictly necessary!!!

(SWTOR slider when login in is ALL THE WAY UP, BREAKING THIS LAW!)


The consent that the individual gives must be able to be withdrawn if the user chooses. Additionally, the data controller must delete any personal data of individuals when it’s not necessary for the original stated purpose.






The correct customerfriendly way to handle cookies as any company should be:

Basic setting is bare cookies to have an operating site. The OK button is visible, and by pressing it no minute waiting since bare cookies is the basic setting of the website meaning nothing has to be removed.

The customer is having a second button if he/she wants to ADD COOKIES! (for any brainnumbing reason).


Now we have replaced EU rulebraking cookies by FORCE by CHOICE!

All are happy, and EU rules are no longer broken..

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