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[Event Invitation] January Billion Credit Giveaway


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Both SWTOR and Stroke my Wookie celebrate our 10th anniversaries this year which is a massive accomplishment for anything in life and to celebrate this, my guild is fully embracing the year of celebrations by running several special server events including this monthly giveaway. 🎉


Go check out the main Reddit post as that explains how you enter the giveaway:


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Congratulations, 100 million credits will be mailed to each of the 10 winners later tonight, enjoy!



  • /u/BaZzMaTt - Geirr
  • /u/Captain-Lizard - Kathnia Dox
  • /u/eokass - Sebernaya
  • /u/FifthJirk - Navura Raz
  • /u/LordShadowDM - Valyria Umbra
  • /u/Niarenn - Nærra



  • /u/AssociationPleasant6 - Bladeguardian
  • /u/AzyT___1 - Obibumkanobi
  • /u/BoldKenobi - Shaistah
  • /u/SubtleYeti - Draomos


RedditRaffler Results Page

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