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Regular-Bladed V-Shaped Cross-Saber Like Darth Norok

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After watching the Legacy of the Sith Trailer, I have noticed a Sith in red armor, who I think is called Darth Norok, who wields a V-Shaped Cross-Saber with some sort of fluctuating blade.




The design of that saber looks great, particularly the V-shape the crossguard, is but the thing is that the blade has a fluctuating affect. I am more into classic, non-flashy blades, and I suspect there are other players who feel this way as well.


I suspect that when Legacy of the SIth launch, that Darth Norok's armor and Lightsaber will be released on the Cartel Market.


I would like to suggest that even if they don't release Darth Norok's lightsaber that they release a lightsaber with the same crossguard configuration, only instead with regular, non-fluctuating blade and cross guard.

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The V-shaped thing is not a crossguard. A crossguard on a metal sword is there to keep the wielder's hand(s) from sliding upwards onto the blade. Using actual *blades* for that seems ... unwise. It might have an actual purpose (the lore around Kylo Ren's sabre says that they are there to vent off excess energy from the very badly-made sabre), but that purpose isn't "crossguard".


Sorry, rant over.


The sabre in the picture looks a lot like the Dark Honor Guard's Unstable Lightsabre, https://swtorista.com/weapon/dark-honor-guards-unstable-lightsaber


The suggestion itself might well be lore-inconsistent, which isn't actually a reason to reject it (after all, the Dathomir Shaman armour set is modeled on gear used by the Nightsisters, who won't be a thing until 3000 years in the game's future), because the scratchy / flickery blades all indicate poor fabrication and/or damage to the weapon, and the vents seem to be associated with that.


So sure, why not? Some people have suggested a "clean blade" tuning as a solution to this sort of issue, although I think that this is a sub-optimal solution, since we wouldn't be able to combine it with any of the current tunings.


The armour looks like a helmet-hidden recoloured version of Fieldtech Gunner, https://swtorista.com/armor/fieldtech-gunner

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