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Fix cut scenes and hire a cinematographer...seriously


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Can you guys PLEASE fix the damn cut scenes to stop companions from having their gear change or skin mesh from dropping out during cut scenes.


Also, can we get someone the fix these item placements for the missions on Odessen.

- 1. On the mission Echoes of Oblivion, the ship parked inside the hanger is too big for the space that it's in...literally clips through the ship parked on the ground, into the beam on one side and the fin on it would go through the rocks on the roof. Place it on the outside mesa that was used before or something else if you want to use that ship or use a different one that fits.

- 2. Lana (who seems to be the biggest offender of this) drops her texture meshes often and seems like she is wearing armor or other armor that does not correspond with what she is actually wearing. Though this in the grand scheme is a lesser issue, it is still an issue of continuity for the player who gave them armor...and I'm not even going to bring up about the fact that companion armor 90% of the time or more does not hold its color unity, so they end up with mismatched pieces on them.

- 3. This one is more of an issue: During the same mission for Echoes of Oblivion, while in the hanger talking to Lana, Theron, Senya, etc. the majority of the group walks straight through a box placed on the ground for the, so it makes them walk through it right in front of you.


This is partially why the comment about getting a damn cinematographer (because it seems like you guys don't have one at all for these scenes). Too many of the scenes are shot as the extremely close up focused shots on faces for no narrative reason, the conversation does not warrant it and it often leads to partial cropping of character or NPC heads in scenes from being in frame...which is okay from time to time, but it seems like 85% of the shots in the recent expansions are being done this way. For the most part it is just the uninteresting situation of Camera 1, Camera 2, conversations.


This on top of the obvious graphical glitches in place where either the character or NPC experience things like; facial contortion, eyeballs extending beyond the eyelids, clipping of predetermined armor and body parts during cut scenes, etc.


So many things like this taking place. The story seems relatively acceptable for what is having to be managed with it (telling a story that makes sense for both force users and non-force users and for classes with different backgrounds coming together into one continual story).


Not even going to touch on all the issues that are going to come from the new multi-class system being put in place... in this post.

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