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Class Stereotypes


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(Please feel free to apply to the corresponding Republic class counterparts)


Juggernaut - The Bully...DPS Spec? "I can tank this"...Healer: "You're not specced as tank, and you have no tanking augments"..."Yeah, but I'm a Jugg"....Healer: "Maybe we should - " /FORCELEAP


After the wipe "**&^&^( trash healer !" /ragequit


Marauder: The kid in the back eating paste. I am thoroughly convinced that if a person decides to play a Marauder, they are given a quick IQ test. If they FAIL the IQ test? Then they can play a Marauder.


Sorc: Frustrated Powergamer


(Heals) "PLEASE stand in the purple circle for AOE heals"


Sorc: (Lightning) Full connoisseur of all things related to Japanese culture. "Yawn, I certainly hope EA never balances the classes.".."Madness is SOOOO boring"....."Hey, do you guys watch 'Attack on Titan'?"


Sorc: (Madness): 'Any other game and I'd melt you'


Operative: Edgelord. "Why yes, my knife does do twice the damage of your lightsaber against an enemy in heavy armor. Why do you ask?" Plays a Chiss because they're "dark and mysterious"


Bounty Hunter: Moral ambiguity...Learns Mando'a in their spare time. RPs as a character from Bobba Fett or the Mandalorian. Does Cosplay in their head.

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