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Looking for extras for RP event


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Hello and thanks for reading,


I am looking for extras for a role play event I am currently planning for my guild. I am looking for ranged class only - preferably snipers but will accept any ranged I can get as well as operatives and agents - stealth class.


You will be playing the part of gang members - basically cannon fodder doing nothing more than creating a delaying and diversion action in a PvP instance for a bounty hunt.


I am paying 20mil credits to those interested for about 2hrs of work tops. 10mil when you show up and 10mil after the event.


Looking for about 20 people interested in participating in this large scale RP event. Please leave me your in game name so I can contact you by whisper or in game email with further details... Event date is not set yet until I know who and what I have. Hoping to have everything set and ready for the first or second week of February well before 7.0


Thank you and hoping to find a few interested people!

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I would love to have you Dakan but this event will be held in Imperial territory so getting in for you will be very difficult. If you have a low level Imperial character 24 -26 ranged class I could use you. Feel free to contact Kal Darman in game by email or a whisper or reply here and I will get back to you. Thank you very much for expressing interest my friend!


Kal Darman

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