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Any news about weapon outfitter?


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... most important feature!


Probably wont be done to the 15th !


Its one big JOKE this 8 weeks they said they took to fix stuff. 2.5 weeks left and NOTHING is fixed yet !


ANd spare me the "doh doooh its just test server Bioware has internal server where ALL is fixed dourrr durrrr" from all the fanboiz


It will either be postponed again or it will be a total disaster

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They posted an update.

Hey folks,


Quick update on one of the features slated to launch with Legacy of the Sith; Weapons being added to Outfitter. Unfortunately, this feature will not be shipping alongside the expansion and instead will be coming in Game Update 7.1.


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Least important feature, since they got it *totally* wrong. It shouldn't be *in* Outfit Designer, but in a system like it, but separate from it, so that we can, if we want to, switch them independently from each other.


Hopefully they will take the extra time to do it right this time, and not continue to half-*** it. Don't laugh! A girl's got to have at least some hope! I think it's vaporware.

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