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If you're going for a new look (char sheet, inventory, etc) Why not remodel the fleet


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So, in 7.0 many menus have been redone.


How about getting the graphic designers to use those substance painter skills to redo the fleets?

You don't need to change much geometry. Although the bank buildings need to go.


After learning 3d modeling, it's easy to see that it's all low poly meshes that have baked on textures. .

This isn't really that hard or time consuming.


The Republic Fleet could really use it!


After seeing quite a bit of content while testing 7.0 that I have not done on a production server,yet, this is a glaring

omission not to remodel the fleets. Substance Painter could make a huge difference to upgrade the look of especially the Republic Fleet. There were so many cool examples of the newer artists creating republic/alliance settings, that it only makes sense to remodel each (Republic more than Imperial)

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