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Hey folks. Long time player looking to come back to the game. Been out for about 4 years now so I'm sure a ton has changed. Used to play healer Merc and DPS Juggy. Could use some advice on how to tune up those builds, or if they're complete dumpster fires now, a place to start learning new builds
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Caveat: Everything I'm about to say will change significantly when 7.0 launches in 3.5 weeks. This advice is for the current 6.X build of the game.


A ton has changed, but welcome back! You've got some good (and some weird) story content to catch up on!

My recommendation is check out Merlyn's class guides for your disciplines. They'll get you caught up and running for sure


Bodyguard Merc is still really good (not the triage expert of sorc, not the AoE boss like Op, but very survivable and able to unload some serious healing and off-dps)

Merlyn's bodyguard guide: Merlyn's Bodyguard guide


Did you play Vengeance or Rage?

Vengeance is the DoT spreading mauler it has been for awhile, very solid. Rage is less popular, but it has good burst and AoE burst and an easy rotation to get into the swing of.

Merlyn's Vengeance guide: https://sites.google.com/view/merlyn-swtor/imperial/sith-warrior/juggernaut/vengeance-juggernaut?authuser=0

Merlyn's Rage guide: https://sites.google.com/view/merlyn-swtor/imperial/sith-warrior/juggernaut/rage-juggernaut?authuser=0

*Extra tip on Rage, look at Merlyn's Fury Marauder guide and check out the Advanced Opener/Rotation. It works the exact same for Rage Jugg, jsut swap Enrage in for Berserk, Retaliation in for Vicious Slash, and Sunder in for Battering Assault

Merlyn's Fury Guide: https://sites.google.com/view/merlyn-swtor/imperial/sith-warrior/marauder/fury-marauder?authuser=0


I'll always recommend playing all classes through for the story, and experimenting with the other disciplines for fun to see how you like it

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