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Return old "Project" animation


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Hi to all readers.


Players after 1.1 update probably will not know what im writing and suggesting so i will try to explain for them.

Animation of Project ability on Sage now (today) is that object is lifted from the ground near enemy. And before it looked like this. Object was lifted near you (your character) and than travels to enemy. While animation of Sorcerer is the same like it was before and that is a lightning. Lightning is ofc much faster (instant) than to see object which travels from you to enemy, and it is faster around 1-4 seconds, depends on situations. But even today Shock is instant while Project is not. Project is only faster than it was before and now is in most situations around 1 second.


1st i want to say that i understand why developers changed Project animation, but i have a new ideas how to return old animation. Reason why animation was changed on Sage is because Shock in Sorcerer is much faster than it was Project before. Why would you change it to old animation you wonder? Old animation was much more beautifull than it is now and playing with Sage was much more nicer when you can see that the object is actualy traveling and hitting the enemy.


1st suggestion:

You should simply change Shock animation to something like some kind of electricity fly from character to enemy at the same speed like object is flying from Sage to enemy. It would probably look nicer for both for Sage and for Sorcerer.


2nd suggestion:

I realized when i play pve that i dont care for that 1 or 4 second faster hit with my Project, while in pvp it can make a difference in rare situations when you actualy need that little bit of time to finish the enemy. So what i suggest is that you can put in skill tree a point where you can chose do you want faster (new) or slower (old) animation. Even if you do that, still you will need to change Shock on Imperial side so they can also chose that on skill tree like on Republic side. But that is by my opinion more complicated than 1st suggestion.


Anyway i am more for 1st suggestion than for 2nd, but you developers can figure out something by yourself from this what im writing to you.


I hope you will consider this and i even hope more that you will return that old Project animation bc it was much more nicer to play sage than it is now only bc of that small detail.



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