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group stealth and threat drop (scoundrel / operative)


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Scoundrel surrender (threat drop) has gone, a key smuggler ability, the class trainer has been demonstrating it for 10 years. This is a important ability for scoundrel as we have a high dps ability that can only be used from behind (back blast). During vet fp, without a tank i often get threat and use surrender to drop threat and maintain dps, gun slinger still has surrender.


Smuggle scoundrel group stealth has been made a talent, smuggle has no in combat benefit and in its current form would be not used until you want to skip a trash pack, then your default combat benefiting talent would be reset after the effect ends. Making smuggle a bit of a wasted talent.


Why not put surrender in smuggles spot on the talent tree, that would make the level 73 talent row more of a difficult choice as all 3 abilities have in combat benefits and give us smuggle back base line as its part of the core class fantasy, don't get me wrong I would rather keep smuggle, surrender and trick move base line as i currently dont see the other talents being as useful as trick move, but i get what your going for and i think this is the best for what your aiming for.

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