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Are We Giving Feedback on Ruins of Nul (Vet) because...


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...I am not a fan. I wondered why two players immediately left the group when we got it. The remaining two of us tried with our companions. It was not fun at all. The other player I was with called it "Brutal" once we'd managed to complete it. The only saving grace is that we didn't die on any bosses (though I did manage to fall through a gap & die in the narrow cliff steps we have to climb). Due to the fight mechanic, the fight with the Regnant (second boss) will likely need someone who can pull or taunt the exploding mobs to the correct position. That's not always guaranteed to happen via the queue.


There's also a bonus mission that each item clicked gives you an annoying debuff which can only be removed if you die in the FP.


Compared with Secrets of the Enclave, which I loved when I first did it on the PTS, Ruins of Nul is going to be one of those FPs I do because I have to for the story. And then I will never speak/think of it again (a bit like A Traitor Among the Chiss, which I've never re-run by choice).



and I'm sick to death of Malgus. He should have stayed dead the first time


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