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Imperial Fleet is invisible from my ship


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This post is copied/pasted from a post I made last night in General Discussion because I couldn't find the Bug Reports forum. It was late and I was tired.


On my level 75 operative, the Imperial Fleet is invisible from the cockpit of my ship while my ship is there, and when I "land" on the fleet, the cutscene is similarly broken. My ship just flies away into an empty starfield. When I use my ship to travel around to diffferent planets, the previous planet is usually the one visible through the cockpit viewports, rather than the planet I am currently orbiting. This bug appeared over a year ago and still persists.


I do not have this problem on any of my other characters, not even my sniper, who just recently got her ship. This is not a client issue, because the problem occurs on all three of my machines (one is Intel/Radeon, the other two are AMD/Nvidia), all of which have been completely wiped and reformatted at least twice since this bug first appeared. I download the entire game fresh with each reinstall. I'm pretty obsessive about the "cleanliness" of Windows and I find reformatting my hard drive (or SSD) to be a soothing activity, so a machine gets reformatted every time I get really stressed out.


My operative has completed Makeb, SoR, and she just started KotFE. I waited over a year to start KotFE, and the login blurb that tells you what chapter you're on always displayed the "Interlude after Makeb" message before I started KotFE but after I completed SoR, rather the "Interlude after SoR" message, which is what should have been displayed.


My powertech has finished Makeb, and my sentinel and commando just finished the vanilla content up through Ilum (nothing past that). My other characters just got their ships, except my second operative, who is still level 1. The login blurb, docking cutscenes, and cockpit viewports work as intended for all my characters except my operative.


My operative is my oldest character. I suspect some kind of database corruption at the server end. This isn't game-breaking, but it really cuts into the immersion, which is kinda the whole point of playing SWTOR (or any other Bioware game).


If anyone has any advice on how to fix this myself, that would be much appreciated. Otherwise, I would love it if the CS droids would clean up the database (or whatever) so my operative's ship works properly and the commander of Vaiken Spacedock quits ghosting me with a very selective cloaking device.


Another user replied in General Discussion to say that they have the same problem, also on an operative character.

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