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Having met most of the current dev team from 2017 in Otown FL, I can tell that most of you really do not PVP at all. Having said that, if you all are so content with having REG PVP warzone lockouts for leaving maps that you do not want to play, or having the REG PVP warzone daily/weekly on “only wins”. Then how about making PVP relevant and up’ing the rewards for doing PVP matches, as is it’s all trash.


I really do not understand this doubling down on what you put out in 5.0 with random RNG gearboxes, put it back to 4.0 already: have a PVP/PvE vendor, PVP/PvE comms. At least yall fixed conquest after you totally jacked It up and actually made it ridiculous dumb fun again.


Also if you are going to stick with getting a debuff for leaving REG PVP wz's then at least make the REG PVP have a filter for the queue selection.

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