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Old Command Crate Armor Shells & Weapons - gone forever?


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Has there been any official word if they will ever add the old gear shells and weapons that used to come in the Alliance Command Crates prior to 6.0 (i.e. not the heroic crates, but the modifiable gear shells you used to get from what is now renown crates)? i remember the devs promised to add them to a vendor on fleet, but that never happened (only a vendor for the command crate mounts & pets were added). I loved some this gear and weapons and now they are scarce in the game and insanely expensive on the GTN when they do show up.

Are they officially retired? If retired, why not bring back as low cost Cartel Market items or add to galactic seasons or something? seems like a waste to no longer have them available?


Old Alliance Command Crate Armor sets:

- Agile Sharpshooter

- Ardent Warden

- Brutal Executioner

- Concealed Hunter

- Cunning Vigilante

- Dark Praetorian

- Deadeye

- Devious Outlaw

- Devout Overseer

- Disciplined Conscript

- Force Champion

- Force Herald

- Frenzied Instigator

- Frontline Mercenary

- Hazardous Recon

- Lone-Wolf

- Majestic Augur

- Mandalorian Enforcer

- Omniscient Master

- Recon Spotter

- Rim Runner

- Ruthless Challenger

- Ruthless Commander

- Savage Despot

- Shrewd Privateer

- Stately Diplomat

- Tribal Hermit

- Unbreakable Defender

- Underworld Enforcer

- Venerated Mystic

- Veteran Infantry

- Vicious Adept


Old Alliance Command Crate Weapons:

- Sharpshooter's Sniper Rifle MK-1

- Warden's Lightsaber

- Executioner's Lightsaber

- Hunter's Blaster Pistol MK-1

- Vigilante's Rifle MK-1

- Praetorian's Lightsaber

- Deadeye's Sniper Rifle MK-1

- Enforcer's Rifle MK-1

- Overseer's Lightsaber

- Conscript's Rifle MK-1

- Champion's Lightsaber

- Herald's Polesaber

- Instigator's Lightsaber

- Bulwark's Assault Cannon MK-1

- Recon's Assault Cannon MKk-1

- Lone-Wolf's Sniper Rifle MK-1

- Augur's Polesaber

- Mandalorian's Blaster Pistol MK-1

- Occultist's Polesaber MKk-1*

- Recon's Sniper Rifle MK-1

- Opportunist's Rifle MKk-1

- Challenger's Lightsaber

- Commander's Rifle MK-1

- Despot's Polesaber

- Privateer's Blaster Pistol MK-1

- Diplomat's Polesaber

- Hermit's Polesaber

- Defender's Lightsaber

- Underworld's Blaster Pistol MK-1

- Mystic's Polesaber

- Veteran's Assault Cannon MK-1

- Adept's Polesaber


- Commander's Assault Cannon MK-1

- Conscript's Assault Cannon MK-1

- Enforcer's Sniper Rifle MK-1

- Exarch's Assault Cannon MK-1

- Exarch's Blaster Pistol MK-1

- Exarch's Lightsaber MK-1

- Exarch's Polesaber MK-1

- Exarch's Rifle MK-1

- Exarch's Sniper Rifle MK-1

- Revanite's Assault Cannon MK-1

- Revanite's Blaster Pistol MK-1

- Revanite's Lightsaber MK-1

- Revanite's Polesaber MK-1

- Revanite's Rifle MK-1

- Revanite's Sniper Rifle MK-1

- Rishi's Assault Cannon MK-1*

- Rishi's Blaster Pistol MK-1

- Rishi's Lightsaber MK-1

- Rishi's Polesaber MK-1

- Rishi's Rifle MK-1*

- Rishi's Sniper Rifle MK-1*

- Zakuulan's Assault Cannon MK-1*

- Zakuulan's Blaster Pistol MK-1

- Zakuulan's Lightsaber MK-1

- Zakuulan's Polesaber MK-1

- Zakuulan's Rifle MK-1*

- Zakuulan's Sniper Rifle MK-1*

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I don't believe they've ever talked about this outside of whatever the promises were to add a vendor. It'd be nice to get them back, some of those armors and weapons were great and it would give us a bigger variety of stuff to spend our Tech Fragments on, something that's sorely needed. However, given that it's been almost 2 years since Onslaught launched with these exact complaints repeated ad nauseam, I think the most logical conclusion at this point is that they're gone forever. It would surprise me greatly to see them bring these back.
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