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Higher chance when opening cartel boxes for gold/platinum drop?


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With higher chance, those who spend CC and open will get more gold/platinum items and with more such items in the market (GTN) they will be cheaper per piece. The prices will decrease.

Now it's an excessive greed for credits, most cool items are sold for a massive amount of money, a decent armor starts from 20 milion and those rarest can cost even 300-500 millions per set. I will never see such money in my wallet and I can bet that most players too.

I have 32 characters all in unique gears, will not buy a trash armor but cannot buy one for 150 million when, after playing for a few years, I earned 120 millions for all characters.

If you can't regulate somehow artificially prices on a free market (I understand you Bioware won't do it and continue letting people put gears on GTN in a stupidly high prices), maybe you can increase the chance for those cool gears to drop.

For most players, no matter subscribers or ftp/pref, who don't wish to spend real time cash for CC, it's the only way to obtain and use cool items in this game. Few years ago when more ppl were opening boxes more nice items were in the GTN in decent prices. I have a lot of fine armors, mounts and weapons from that time. Now it's so much greed in SWTOR market and in people's minds!

Or maybe Bioware makes those cool items on purpose to serve a narrow group of richest players. But then, how much money developer puts into creation of new item which is used by maybe 10 players only...

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Credits are easier to come by than ever before. For every 10k tech frags you can make 40m selling OEMs and RPMs. With that many alts it should be simple to farm 10 or more of these and make 400m+ per week doing TC and FPs.


You can que pvp and do hm ops for even more of these mats. It's a great time to make credits in game right now, I suggest you take advantage before these mats get solid resource matrix-ed on the market.

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you could farm credits so easy in the last years, that there are tons of billionaires out there. so even if they would increase the drop rate of high value items, it would take many months until you will see an effect.

especially with many toons you can farm credits, tech fragments and flagship plans by just doing conquest stuff.

atm changing 10k tf to oem/rpm is a good deal.


if you want to farm rpm, you will need to play ranked pvp. so maybe not fall all ppl.

it is the same with oem, but here each boss in master mode operations will drop 1 oem,

except the last one.


there are easy bosses in master mode operations, you could farm in a group, even doable for

casual players: nefra, writhing horror, dash'roode. but it will take 8 kills to give each of you one

oem and there is a weekly lockout on each toon. so you will need 3-8 characters. and i don't think

this is worth it.


it is way faster to farm materials for crafting and sell them directly or via gtn.


an good indicator for the actual inflation is the price of credit sellers. so if a billion credits won't costs

much, there are easy ways to get credits. you will find tons of ways to farm credits out there

and even doing heroics with such a low rate, will give you at least 1mil/hour+; bit is doable for everybody.


but just don't care about credits; just have fun playing the game.

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