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[Recruitting Officers] Looking for 4 individuals to become officers in guild!


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The Steel Alliance / Rebellion is looking to hire four individuals to become officers in guild and help maintain activity within the guild!


~A bit about the guild : We are a growing guild with a rapid income of new recruits weekly, with a low turnover rate and multiple opportunities for members to rank up. We effortlessly hit large conquest every week on both pub and imp factions. We offer daily operations, weekly raffles, bi monthly lottery drawings, weekly guild events, 2 fully decorated GS's, full XP/REP/RXP boosts, as well as host a weekly top 10 conquest competition with prizes from the GB or credit payouts! During peak hours, our guild can have 10-20 active members on, our discord is active with over 100 members and is active on a daily basis. Our guild has two tiers of officers: Tier 1 (Steel Guard). Members in this rank are responsible for hosting/leading guild activities in game and maintain the code of conduct we expect all members to follow. These officers have full autonomy on how they handle their responsibilities. Tier 2 (Steel Council). These members are responsible for ensuring that Steel Guards uphold their responsibilities as well as other backend guild management to ensure the guild runs smoothly.


~What the guild needs : The Steel Council is looking to bring FOUR individuals in as Steel Guards to help our growing guild increase its activity and available opportunities for members to partake in. The bare minimum requirements for officers (not including position requirements) are that you MUST join the guilds discord, and have at least one toon per faction in both guilds. The positions looking to be filled are as follows:


Position 1- Rampage Officer: This officer will be responsible for hosting groups to complete various CQ rampage locations around the galaxy, effectively helping fellow members achieve CQ target on multiple toons all while boosting the guilds overall CQ total. We require a minimum of two Rampage events a week (once on pub, and once on imp) but are encouraged to host as much as you would like beyond those required two.


Positions 2 & 3 - OPs Officers: These two positions will be responsible for hosting 8m/16m SM OPs on various days of the week. One position will be responsible for hosting on pub faction, and the other for the imp faction. We have a thread within the disc. that you will post in, and members can respond with the role that they would like to join with. You will be able to decide what ops you run, and how you would like to run it. We require a minimum of two ops per week per position.


Position 4 - Recruitment Officer (Late Night, experience preferred, not required) : The last position is going to be a recruitment position across both factions. Ideally we are looking for an individual who is capable of being on during the late night hours so as not to be active during our other recruitment officers active hours. We require a minimum of 15 recruits per week. Our first Recruitment Officer is very successful, capable of brining in 60+ new members on a good day and is more than willing to share his methods to help the new officer meet the minimum weekly requirement. We are simply looking for a second officer to supplement the first officers efforts and increase the diversity of members in guild with respect to player time zones.


~How to apply: If any of these positions interest you and you would like to apply for any of the roles listed above, join our discord at https://discord.gg/Nw5jEA5 and provide three things upon joining us: 1) what you would like to go by in the server 2) your legacy name in game 3) state that you joined from the link on the forums, and are interested in becoming an officer. From there you will be approached by a member of the Steel Council who will talk with you in a bit more detail about the role you'd like, and how to proceed from there.


Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, we hope to meet you soon!

~ <TSA/TSR> Officer Team

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