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Shady Shaddaa Rper's Stronghold is Public and wants to see you Roleplay there.


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ShadyShaddaa Rper's Imperial Sanctuary is a Public Venue for free form Rp. We're located on the Star Forge server, and you can find us by looking fo Shadyshaddaa Rper's in the Fleet "Stronghold Management Window: Public Listings: Shadyshadaa Rper's Imperial Sanctuary: Travel." The Strong Hold is open to Imperials only. Sorry.

ShadyShaddaa is set up so that the first floor is an outlaw and gamblers scene, followed by a weapon check, and gambler's hall with Casino interactive. Moving on is a Nightclub, complete with chatter and music interactives. To a Live Venue Balcony. The Landing pad is set for Cage fighting, and concession.

The Upper floors are reserved for the Lord and his Apprentices that live above, and ask that you do not venture up there "In Character (IC)."


House rules are:

If it isn't in Star Wars lore consistent with the Old Republic, please do not talk about it. It is an IC Haven. Meaning, no real world issues. That and we can't timey-whimey two people from different eras. Assume that the person you interact with is in the same timeline, and this is a passive event.

No God-modding - Outlander's, Chosen One's, Grandmasters, Emperors, Revan, Maleks, Cartel Boss. What have you.

No Power-gaming - Your attacks and advances are not absolute, and the other person DOES have a say in what happens to them. On the other hand...don't pretend you can dodge everything. (Mostly fighting for Cage Fighting RP)

Light, Social, Fun, Consensual Roleplay :3

Everything else goes.

Be abrasive, be bubbly, be the character.

Message Faera Connar or Dius Ketto if you wish to discuss receiving a key to the Stronghold directly. If you are a part of a Guild that likes the location we can discuss a Silver Key.

Hope everyone enjoys it. Force Free You!

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