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My Crystal Ball says the following about Swtor's year 2021


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I had a thorough discussion with my magical crystal ball and it is convinced that 2021 will bring us the following updates:


Around February/March:


One patch with a short story update (cutscene only) concerning Malgus, some bugfixes and a few unexpected QoL features. On top of that some nerfing, no, wait, the crystal ball corrects itself, balancing of the conquest system.


Around May/June:


One patch with a short story update (cutscene and a short mission on Odessen where you have to click a couple of items) concerning the Mandalorians. On top of that, there will be a new event during the summer: Dark vs. Light Reloaded (with new (and old) rewards). New ranked PvP season (note: could be delayed to the next patch).


Around September/October:


One patch with a short mystical story update (cutscene only) regarding one certain ending from 6.2 which does not involve the Mandalorians. Mysterious, mysterious. On top of that, there will be some QoL features for (not only) guilds and as a surprise, a fourth swoop race course. In a new area on Zakuul. You can unlock a Zakuulan stronghold via event rewards.


December 2021:


7.0! Three-folded story update (Mandalorians, Malgus, a certain Redhead). One new operation (Mandalorians). One new flashpoint (Malgus). One new companion (with red hair, comes with an additional blonde customisation though). Season 2 of Spoils of War (all renown levels reset to 0, so make sure to hit 999 on one char before next December). [Note: The crystal ball is not able to predict what that means for armor sets and tacticals.] Max level raise to 80. Special reward for players who continuously subbed for all the 10 years: a statue decoration. 10 years anniversary fireworks (sparkling). Special life day achievement: Hug 2.000 wookies (title: Chewbacca means Love).


I will come back to this thread in exactly one year from now, on 16.12.2020, to see how accurate my crystal ball predicted Swtor's year 2021. :o

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I've heard "a graphics update" a couple times for the 10-year from as good a source as any. Think about it - this is one of EA's most successful Star Wars game and Star Wars just got a new lease thanks to Mando. So... a box of fireworks for subs? Edited by Savej
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There are 2 itens missing from 2021:


a) Redone of starting planets and some core story planets on Vannilla SWTOR.

b) Improve pipeline and rendering of the engine (with the help of the creators of the Hero Engine).


I for one expected or wished, that the Hero Engine was updated for the latest version and all the assets where recompiled to that new version.


Better Threads handling, DX11, more advanced visual features...


Lets just hope...



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