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Space Mission BUG Trying to use Missiles, game thinks I'm locking-on w/ Torps instead


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When on my PERSONAL SHIP in Space Combat missions (Makem Te Assault is where i was), ARMED with GREEN-PREMIUM Proton Torpedoes (4), the ORDINARY MISSILE BATTERY will NOT FIRE and the game presumes i am trying to LOCK on the Shield Generators instead .... it is a BUG that the missiles will not fire and that every time i target a hardpoint it presumes i am trying to LOCK with Proton Torpedoes instead and all i want to really fire is just my missiles. THIS IS A BUG in MAKEM TE ASSAULT as a Jedi Guardian level 75.


Space Mission BUG Trying to use Missiles, game thinks I'm locking-on w/ Torpedoes instead, and will NOT FIRE MISSILES against targeted hardpoints (this was in MAKEM TE Assault) because it presumes i am trying to lock with Torpedoes instead....


Please fix this.


I just FAILED the mission FOUR TIMES while my ship was armed with Proton Torpedoes and I NEVER EVER fail this mission. When i took the torpedoes OUT of my ship, and played it again a 5th time WITHOUT them, I SUCCEEDED with flying colors and EVERY SINGLE MISSILE i right-clicked DID FIRE and WITHOUT FAIL ...


This is a BUG with your STUPID TARGET system of having BOTH Missiles and Torpedoes BOTH on the same button -- please fix this and put them on a separate button. This is more of a problem with the lock confusion though AND it being on the same (right mouse) button.

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This is intended behaiviour. The hardpoints you reference are only able to be destroyed by torpedoes.


Well, they *can* be destroyed by missiles, it just takes a lot of them, and a lot of uptime on the target. It is possible to earn some of those bonus missions that way, before you can equip protorps. There is no logical reason why you would want to use missiles over torpedoes on those since it takes 1-2 torps to destroy them versus like 20 missiles.


So yes, OP, this is working as intended.

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