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Character/Ablilites animations can't be seen when using Steam ver.


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I am walking to start the Echoes of Oblivion story and I decided to draw my lightsabers on my Sentinel but when they're drawn I do not see my blades come out of the hilts nor any sound effects play. I tested if it was just my lightsabers but it seems to be affecting other lightsabers that I have in my inventory. Also seems to be affecting me other characters like my Sniper when he draws his Compact Infiltrator's Sniper Rifle and the barrel doesn't extend nor do I see the color crystal. Also like the title states I don't see the abilities animations,but I do see the cast bar. This happens on my end but other players see it like normal. https://imgur.com/a/pWF4Mjl

For the personal phase,you don't see the green "shield" at all like a open door to a room.


I see no backgrounds for the sky on the planets,just a black render. This all happens on the Steam version of the game . https://imgur.com/a/BVIiQbf

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