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Bug Set bonus achievements aren't tracking properly after 6.2


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Before 6.2 I had multiple pieces that were gotten due to the kai Zykken Vendor. Once 6.2 came out now I'm missing the entire set according to the achievement. Some of them I know I had at least 3, 4, 5, or 6 pieces for the achievement marked off in green. Now I have none marked green for having them.


Edit: There is also no achievement any longer for the BH set for the Restorative Drive set.

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What I noticed was that some sets have all ten points (as if the cheeve is complete), but the detailed analysis shows 0/1 for all pieces except the wrist, and 34/1 or even 42/1 for the wrist piece.


Seems like the set items are counted bitwise, and the wrists show the counter in decimal. (i.e. 42=3 pieces, 32+8+2)

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Any progress of fixing this or allowing the help desk to grant manually based on the last line's value when we complete the missing ones but the achievement is not triggered? In multiple cases the items already checked off are already sold. It would be a shame to request spending millions again to get them. The reverse engineered bit encoding is as follows (not that hard when you track all your items in spreadsheet):

belt 32

boots 2

bracers 64

gloves 4

head 8

jacket 1

leggins 16

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Hi folks,


I'm closing this thread as this discussion is a duplicate of the following one: Spoils of War Set Bonus items not working.


As mentioned by SteveTheCynic, the team is currently looking into it. In the meantime, there is a workaround: If you have the set, mail it to another character. It will fill the setlist and unlock the Achievement.

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