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Exit Colossus Droid Chapter V Ascension


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Currently on my second attempt at completing Chapter V Ascension Master Mode. I'm at the part where you are controlling a Colossus droid massacring adds. At the end, a cutscene is suppose to happen where the droid falls over and your toon escapes.


None of that is happening. Not touching anything, the "... box" appears over the droid as I enter a conversation, everything disappears from my screen like you're turning off your UI, and then it just sits there. I have tried relogging, restarting game, resetting phase, resetting quest and starting over.


Made an in game ticket last night.


Any known tricks?

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Hi folks,


The issue you're reporting concerning the droid in Chapter V: Ascension is a known issue: Game Update 6.2 - Known Issues.

  • The cinematic after being in the Droid at the "Defend the Companions" step in Chapter V: Ascension is not triggering, preventing players from progressing in the Chapter.

As mentioned in the main thread: KOTET CHapter V - can't get out of the war droid, our team is currently looking into it. I'll update players in this thread when I have more information.

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