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Double xp in December?


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We just had like 4 months of it.


So? For some of us with busy schedules it's the only time worth logging in. It would be no skin off their (or yours, for that matter) noses to end the year on a couple weeks of double xp. End game is of little to no interest to me; when I get the chance to play, I like to focus on leveling new characters via the class stories, and I'm not alone in that regard.


I'm convinced it's less the speed and more just the novelty of "Things will go faster!"


Like BW could not buff the rate, but still apply the little icon by your XP bar and say it's double XP and so many people would still be head over heels for it.


Way to be patronising.

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If you have no interest in end-game, and you only want to do the stories, why do you need double XP? XP rates effectively mean you will always be overleveled, and doing just the class and planetary missions will keep you on track. What do you need the double experience for?


Primarily because I like to get my characters to a certain level before I PVP. Is that OK with you? I'll sometimes go 5 or 6 months without playing and then level 4 or 5 characters to around level 50 to PVP until I've had my fill. I find it amusing that you feel it necessary to press other players on why they feel the need for double xp. Again: does it affect you in any way?

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Do you not have a local equivalent of walmart..., has aldi or lidl not hit france yet. They've had some nice ones in there recently :p

Both Aldi and Lidl are in France, but I'd probably just go to Carrefour (major hypermarché(1) chain).


But as I have non-Christmas aprons, it seems like a waste of money.


(1) Equivalent of what British supermarket chains would call a "superstore". Carrefour (pronounced "car-foor") also operates a range of smaller shops under names like Carrefour Market or Carrefour City, all the way down to really small convenience-store sized outlets. "carrefour" is also a normal French word meaning "crossroads".

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