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A plea to the Writing team for future consequences


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Please when going forward make it so having taken the hard line on traitors and people that have betrayed you is rewarded or at lease acknowledged in the future with the new Mando Story.


So far throughout the KOTET story arc any time that you are given a choice in dealing with your enemies if you take mercy you are applauded as the greatest person in the galaxy, they turn up in the story and give extra dialogue options often proving how right you were in pardoning that genocidal maniac (betrayer, traitor, moron) and that your faith in them has allowed them to grow and become a useful member of society. Yet you murder all their flunkies and soldiers doing their job without a second thought like the trash mobs they are.


On the otherhand if you deal with betrayal more harshly or execute war criminals the best you can hope for is meeting those people in dream land and getting threatened or simply missing out on that content.


Now choices should have consequences, they should be realistic consequences but given its a game you can often only pick between a few dialogue options there is a certain level of give and take. Lets just look at the genocidal bastard, you pardon him and not one person has a problem with that, no what you get is one less companion and a galaxy that ignores that you stood for Justice. Killing billions and full pardon cause your daddy was mean.


The list goes on, people can betray you and you forgive them 100% cause they had a reason, yet military discipline is some how maintained though a clear president is set trying to kill you on an derailed train is fine cause well you have plot armour on.


So now moving forward that we have an enemy that holds honour as import that stabs a sub-dorinate twice to make a point about discipline can we start seeing some of those choice that align with her and her groups ideals coming into play and seeing the reaction to not forgiving betrayal and not pardoning genocide war crimes and in Koths case stupidity.

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