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Operation Lockout Inquiry

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So operation lock outs acted a little funny this week for my guild. We had a lockout prior to the patch on Tuesday with one day remaining. Only the last boss in EV was up as it was bugged before. That evening the boss was killed (before the reset would occur) and suddenly the lock-out was extended another 6 days. So technically if the boss was not killed on Tuesday our guild could have waited a day and killed all 5 bosses instead of just the one.


So my question is, was this a flukey occurrence due to the patch changing things? Or do operation lockouts update to one week from whenever the last boss you killed was? As opposed to the sensible standard of resetting once a week on a set date.



An easy way to test this would be for someone who has killed a boss in an operation in the past 48 hours or so to look at their lock-out time. If it is currently 6+ days then we have a situation here...

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