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,some COMME SENSE, im fully stocked and looking to dump some to the swtor community. so many garbage threads, "omg this game sucks", "I waste my days away in my parents basement and stole their credit card to pay FOR THIS!?" "so many bugs this is unplayble!"... neither BW or the rest of the community that has experienced at least A SINGLE Mmo launch cares. Offer some CONSTRUCTIVE feedback rather than complaining how this game offers so much less than WoW.


Here is an example of constructive feedback, ability delays - after casting an ability, frequently the game activates it twice before seeing the effects of said ability. Definitely a major and i understand the frustrations, this is something BW will definitely fix, but with so many different abilties/classes/races, it will take time.


There are some out there but that list is very short and with most having temporary workarounds i.e fps issues fixed after turning off shadows.


TLDR version: if you have nothing to say other than "this game sucks" leave the game for a while come back in 6 months - year when BW has corrected most bugs, added more content, and some addons developed to give the game some more depth and customization


KUDOS to all those who already know what to expect and not complaining endlessly

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