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Help me improve my game!


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Not exactly proud of my current computer because i lag a lot in populated areas and Warzones and i really want to play pvp. For now im going to stick to Pure pve until i save up enough money for a new pc or just some upgrades.


Here's my current set-up



What i would love you guys to tell me is what could i possibly upgrade to make it so i can play Warzones ( Not looking for High graphics settings ) Just enough to let me play it on low smoothly enough to be enjoyable.


I keep getting told that it's my graphics card but i also get others who tell me it's the processor/CPU.


Thanks in advance

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Hi there!


There are existing discussion threads regarding computer hardware which you may find very helpful:



You can also check out our General FAQs for information about minimum system specifications.


In the interest of consolidating discussion, we have closed this thread. Please use one of the topics linked above for further questions and discussion of hardware specifications. Thank you!

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