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Force armor for healing; also: Ninja-buff?


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I know about the puny 6.1 change

Soothing Protection now heals for approximately 12% more.

but I got the feeling that Force Armor also got more viable, and so I checked by tooltip.


As long as it is put on a target that actually takes damage before it expires, it has far better HPCT and HPF than most heals, so that should be a priority on such targets?


On the other hand, I go by the rule to always keep Rejuvenate, Healing Trance and Wandering Mend on CD when max healing output is required. When all 3 are on CD, I have just enough time to do enough Vindicate to keep force up, and an occasional Salvation/Deliverance, as well as the free Benevolence before it falls off.


If I would Force Armor 2 - 4 targets that almost certainly will take some decent hits soon, I'd either have to keep one of the top 3 on CD for a GCD, or use less Vindicate than required, or have no time to throw in Salvation/Deliverance once in a while.

Which priority does Force Armor have over other heals / Vindicate?


For short burst, obviously skip Vindicate entirely, sure.

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