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Lighting Issues


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I have recently been replaying the Sith Warrior story, as well as working on my Guild Republic alt Guild Ship, and have been noticing some severe lighting problems throughout the game. I have reached out to some more technical spaces to see if I have settings issues, I run maxed out, but other seem to be having the same issues. I. Now seeing issues with 6.1 on Odessen being reported, so I wanted to chime in.


I am seeing the new banners in my Odessen base very washed out, with the republic ones being much worse, these are the ones near Senya and Arcann. I also noticed while given NG Darth Rivix the base tour that lighting is very dark throughout the base, making my character and companion look like they are hiding in shadowed corners while only a few meters away from Hylo or Oggurub.


On my Sith Warrior Balmorra was the worst with cutscenes near Sundari being almost blindingly over exposed. I am also finding that the Republic guild ship is so dark in wide open areas that you can barely see placed decos.


If there is additional information that would be helpful I would be happy to provide it.

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