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Anyone Interested in Teaming up for a 1-75 Leveling & PvP youtube series?


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So as the title states, for the few weeks I've been back, an idea has taken hold in my brainium. As an avid PvP-er and in general decent player (skill wise), I thought it would be fun to do a series, with tips on how to PvP, play the game, and just general commentary. Then I thought, "Man, it would be more entertaining to find someone to play with, so they could hear the back and forth, and IMO the most fun part of playing, general tomfoolery that happens when you get to play with someone consistently. I'm Open to either US server and any class. If there was something you wanted to play, I'll play the same class, just the other Advanced class.


Either just post a comment, or PM me!

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