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Summary: it's a nice idea, but very expensive compared to the likely additional income.


There are two parts to this, of course. To keep the cost down, let's suppose that they leave the audio in English, but translate all the written material (subtitles, mission logs, codex entries, item names, etc.) into a new language. That's *still* a serious amount of work. Adding audio recordings in the new language just adds to the cost - there are probably around 300000 spoken lines, most of which are in "Basic" and would need to be recorded in the new language. (There are some lines in Huttese, Gormak, Gammorrean and so on, and everything that Khem Val says is in whatever the name of his language is.)


End conclusion: it's *expensive*, even if the translation is just the text, and it imposes an on-going cost for the future - all future story dialogue and in-game text must be translated into an extra language.


On top of all that, if they did this, they would have to provide chat moderation for the new language, which would mean hiring extra staff.

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