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WTB Senator's Rugs


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I would like to buy Senator's Rugs. They are a cartel market decoration available from Cartel Market Certificates. The certificates are bound to legacy, though once the rugs are purchased with them the rugs can be sold/traded/mailed.


I want to buy about 60 of them. I can obviously buy 1 at a time if you don't have 60 certificates laying around gathering dust. Just let me know how much you want for them, and don't assume your price is unreasonable.


Last I saw on Satele Shan they were going for 3 million. Though I've heard they're up to 12-15m on another server.


Update: I've gotten about 10 senator's rugs for ~5m each since I posted this (two for 5.5, one for 5.67, 6 for 5, 1 for 10). So I'll consider that the going rate, unless you have a different offer.


Update#2: I managed to buy 50 more senator's rugs for 5m each so I don't need any more! :D

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