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Appearance designer as part of outfit designer (but just hair and make-up)


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There are outfits that work well with long flowing hair (no clipping) and outfits that work better with hair tied up (because hair down would clip too much, or maybe just because an up-do looks nice with it). I wish we could make hairstyles part of outfits (and make-up - maybe complexions too, if people want that). Not that hairstyles should only be changeable through the outfit system, but that additionally one could choose a hairstyle as part of an outfit that would override whatever one's normal hairstyle is.


Of course, as it stands one can pay CC to change hairstyle every time one swaps an outfit, but that's really impractically expensive as it adds up over time. Plus one may want to change between cutscenes and there mightn't be an appearance design station nearby.


Alternatively, there could be some higher CC option that would let us pay a fee to change our character's hair (for example) as often as we want.

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