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bought 3 packs from cartel market and it is not showing up


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my pack explorer is not showing the 3 packs i bought from cartel market

i can't open ticket

any ideas >?

Did you follow the steps? Steps 1 and 2 apply to all CM purchases, and Step 3 is specifically for packs.


1. Select the item in the CM and click Buy.

2. Claim the item(s) from the Unclaimed Items section of the Cartel Market to your inventory.

3. Open the Pack Explorer in some way.

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i did

i bought them claimed them

then i decided i wanted to open them on a dif char

but got disconnected and 2 days later i tried to claim them and they were gone

OK. Just to be sure that I've understood:


Let's suppose two characters, "Buyer" and "User".

* On Day D, Buyer bought the packs and claimed them.

* On Day D, after that, you got disconnected while switching to User.

* On Day D+2, User tried to claim them.


Is that right? Or was it:

* On Day D+2, Buyer no longer had the packs in his inventory.


A few notes about the CM:

1. Once items bought on the CM are claimed, they are no longer available to be claimed on any character.

2. Only the character that bought them can claim them anyway. (The Unclaimed Items section is per-character.)

3. There's a 36-hour (for Subscribers) or 72-hour (for everyone else) timer during which the items are bound to the character that bought+claimed them. During this time, the character cannot transfer the items to another.

4. By now, Buyer should be able to transfer the packs to User, since more than 36 hours have passed.


And a couple of notes about the packs:

1. The Pack Explorer window, when opening packs in the *first* tab, sends the items to the *second* tab ("Item Stash").

2. The Item Stash is shared between all characters on the same server, so once the packs are opened, any character on the server can claim the items from the Item Stash.

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