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Descendants Of The First looking for members


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We are a new guild of experienced players located on Star Forge. We are looking to assist anyone that has joined forces with the mighty empire and whatever missions have been assigned to them.


We are looking for all types of players, whether you are new, experienced or returning. No matter what class you are, we will work with you.


Descendants of the First are all about strength within our ranks, so we will help you level up through PVE, and we will stand by your side in PVP. We will also stand together as one while we fight for conquest.


If you are interested in joining this new guild, speak with the guild master Brellory or guild officer Tusalle. If you can not find either, send them a message and they will respond the next time they are online. The main guild members are currently located in Sydney, Australia so will be on at times relevant to that.

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