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Dantooine reputation Nova Blade Gunner gloves invisible


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As the title says. I have a body type 1 male human smuggler. Whether previewed, equipped, or applied to an outfit designer outfit, the Nova Blade Gunner Gloves, a Dantooine event reputation item, are invisible. That is to say, they are as if you had Covert Energy Gloves ... the player avatar's hands are exposed, uncovered. The other parts of the set appear normal. I have tried a file repair in case it was just my assets, since TOR Fashion indicates there is an appearance that is supposed to be linked to those gloves. I tried searching the web and these forums to see if the bug had been reported before since the set has been around for quite some time (7 months), but I didn't see it, so that's why I hoped maybe it was just my game files. However, that did not fix the problem.
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