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Phantom stride/Shadow stride bug


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Phantom stride/Shadow stride is not working as intended. When my target is above, or below me, instead of leaping to it's location it throws me randomly accros the location. The weirdest situations I had when using phantom stride:


1) Huttball (classic map): Once I grabbed the ball I decided to use my beloved Phantom stride to leap to an enemy standing above me on the platform. I was just thrown at the enemy score line and immediately killed by "fall" effect.

2) Yavin ruins: While dueling enemy operative phantom stride placed me inside pillar. Unable to move, I was forced to kill myself with /stuck command.

3) Flashpoint, Assault on Tython: I used my ingame-favourite skill to leap to group of flash raiders which where only few meters above me. Phantom stride throwed me hundreds of meters up and I died from falling.


Sometimes phantom stride just goes on cooldown without moving my character anywhere.

I hope that this skill will be fixed soon, it just spoil all the fun I have while playing my sin/shadow. If fixing this problem is not possible for some reason, just please, remove this ability and replace it with guardian leap or another force speed (with different name of course).

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it's been like this for years....


asa a general rule, if you want to safely use Stride/Traverse, there needs to be an unbroken line of sight between your feet, and the targets feet (well 4m in front of the target's feet).... if there is anything in the way, weird things happen


if the blocking item isn't right next to the target, odds are you'll either be stopped, or rubber band back to where you started, if the blocking item is near the target (floor of enmy above, or other terrain) you'll probably go flying off past them until some other terrain stops you... if you're lucky enough to have open space behind them... otherwise there's a good chance you'll end up IN the terrain, stuck.

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