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Item rating for MM Flashpoints/SM Ops


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Hello everyone,

I'm back to SWTOR after a year and a half, and I'm wondering what's minimum and recommended item rating for MM Flashpoints and SM Ops nowadays?

Especially for a tank and a healer.

Thanks in advance :)


It depends on the flashpoint or op, and the group, honestly.


If you queue into MM Hammer Station with a Lvl 75 toon and 270 gear, no one usually cares as long as you're good. This is often true for Athiss, Mando Raiders and even Directive 7 honestly. On the other hand, Manaan, Blood Hunt and any of the newest ones (Umbara, Nathema, Chiss) you're usually expected to have 306 gear as a tank. Healers have some extra leeway, unless they aren't very good.


If you use group finder to queue into SM Ops with bolster, and you're skilled, many groups will accept you as a tank or healer if they're in a bind. If you know the mechanics, SM KP, EV, DP, DF and others are not very demanding for good lvl 75 players.


For walk-ins, they may be more demanding of 300+ gear, but since ops are scaled to lvl 70, you can still perform well if you know what you're doing. Just be aware that some "elite" players may kick you if the group wipes, even if it's not your fault.


Finally, one of the best options for running all the MM FPs and SM OPs you want is to get into a good guild. Large guilds like Steel Court, Diversity Fleet and others (on Satele Shan) organize guild runs of pretty much everything, and they're very accepting of players with less-than-optimal gear. If you need an invite, let me know. I know there are other posters (JediQuaker I think) with guilds on Star Forge, so feel free to ask them too.

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It depends on the flashpoint or op, and the group, honestly.


^ This, so much is variable in MM flashpoints. The difficulty levels are all over the place.



Gear rating is a guideline, but I would say getting a decent tactical is more important than that 306 gear for dps.


When I check gear when running a pug, I tend to look more at stats, setbonus, and tacticals than actual gear rating. For tanks that means if it's a more difficult flashpoint they should be running at least 3000+ points in shield, and 2000+ in absorb for decent mitigation. 306 gear is useless if they're running with 1000 points in shield ( the equivilant of about 500 shield points in 5.0).


Same with dps, if dps seems low I'll check their gear and look at stats. There are a lot of dps running around with 306 gear, and nowhere near 110% accuracy, let alone decent crit numbers. On the other hand some dps with sub-300 gear already have decent stats and a tactical. So sub-300 geared players can often perform better then the poorly optimized 306 geared players.

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