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Founder back after so many years! (Good Post!)


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Just got back into play CRPGs, specifically SWTOR, after a lengthy absence.


I can say that the game experience for me has substantially improved. Many things I am liking are the collections tab. I have so many options that were previously locked to a single toon, or were lost because I vendored or dusted the item. All it takes is a few cartel coins and the items I want are a click away.


Another important mention goes to removing the need to upgrade the gear on companions. That was a hassle. Like never using T7 for 20+ levels and suddenly needing him and thus dropping 100000k credits to upgrade his Coruscant gear. So happy that is done with.


But, what I am enjoying the most is the use of the space bar in a character's name. I have a legacy name, but way back when the the option to simply hit the space bar was verboten. Loving this change!



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