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New Class idea that can work for Rep and Imp


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Hey forum.


well as we all know there is wild space and unexplored regions in the star wars universe, and there was a group of ppl that was tasked with exploring.


So here is where the idea of it is the Explorer Class.

The idea of em as combatant is "engineering" oriented using gizmos turrets and alike.

Some skills ideas would be.


#: Shield Generator (small shield generator that add a reflect or damage reduction shield) that cover a smal aria say a 5m bubble that all party members can take cover in.

#: Plasma turret ( build a turret that start to shoot all enemies in the close vicinity of it. 15m range.

#: Scan bomb/grenade that lover targets defense for a limited time.

#: Shock grenade stun

#: Deploy minefield. add 5 mines at random in 20m radius.

#: Mortar launcher a large damage dealing mechanism that can hit within say 30m radius. that is on long coldown 2 or 3 min.

#: EMP shock that kill off all energy weapons for 10 sec pve and 3 sec in pvp

You see where i am on the skills add more :p


The class is a ranged dps/support class.

So it ould have 2 support oriented roles and 1 dps for solo play so it would be viable as all types of play.

And weapon types that they use is would be dual blasters / blaster rifle, so one can chose what one want to use.


Possibility to ship type they can have, would be the Trident-class surveyor ship


So what you think would it be a cool class to have. ?

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