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I'm a returning player wanting to get back in the game. I never really did much and this time I want to get to end game content, from what I've read people are mostly saying that the later stories (newer stories) are more directed to force users is this true?


Any advice on a class would be helpful I know its not easy to advice someone, but ideally, I would like a class that's wanted in groups, isn't a dot class, I tend to not do well with those on other games.


Ideally id love to go empire side, Just something about being bad that is fun.


melee or ranged doesn't make much difference its just a harder learning curve. knowing when to dodge things or move out of the way quicker of certain attacks.


As for what sort of content I will be focusing on mostly pve. so I don't mind if the class doesn't do well in pvp. Always believed it comes down to knowing your class and how well you can play it really there. Something that isn't too easy but isn't super harder either, as both can put me off if that makes any sense.


Something someone once told me about a class in another game easy to learn hard to master comes to mind.


Amway thank you for reading and any help is appreciated

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First of all welcome back to the game!


In my opinion most newer story missions like kotet, kotfe are more to force-users based.

If i could recommend you one class it would be a Sorcerer. Great DPS and great heals. Sorc is ranged dps so in endgame pve content youll having an easier time as a ranged DPS.


Enjoy your time!

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