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Ancient Dark Guardians - imperial guild, recruiting --- PVE (ops SM VM nim prog), PVP


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We are old and big PVE PVP guild with quite clear organization

we offer

SM ops via gf

VM ops

VM training ops for begginers


NiM progression teams (currently full accepting back ups)


Warzone runs for fun and daily weekly rewards (daily recurring event)

Weekly Dueling tournaments

Monthly Championship tournament


We use our website for event sign ups (link after u join) and platform for communication is discord!


If u have more question or want to join contact:

Siddiouse, Invidea, Ashyela, Tox'an, Zhodiark, Veridicus in game

or contact:

emperorsiddiouse#8974 over discord

or use our discord link : https://discord.gg/jGf4M3d

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We are mostly looking PVP players interested in doing pvp with us! We offer lots of events, waz runs, ranked stuff and Dueling Tournamnets


We are also looking for PVErs that are expirienced and we welcome new players that wanna learn as well

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Hey there!

we are still recruiting for


OPS runs - SM VMs

Dueling Tournaments


Feel free to Contact emperorsiddiouse#8974 over discord for more info or read our post on swtor guild finder.


We welcome:

all types of raiders for PVE - Expirienced, returning, new players

same goes for PVP


We next to all ops on SM and VM offer NIM progression (have 3 teams atm, all full accepting back ups)


We also offer 16 man runs for achivments, Dreadful Entity and Hateful Entity kills, as well as Dreadtooth , Toboro's COurtyard (SM, VM) and Colossal Monolith SM and VM




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Recruiting is Still open :D

Feel free to come aboard our discord server if u want more info !

next to all said before we are planing additional runs

Dreadtooth for achivments

Dreadful entity TFB VM 16 man

Hateful Entity SnV NiM

Colossal Monolith VM

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