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Flagship as a SH?


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I'd love to have a Starship that I can decorate as a solo place. I can understand wanting to keep the benefits of it guild-related, but there's nothing saying it can't simply be a SH, right?


So here's my suggestion:

1) Make the Cartel Coins to unlock it 1.5 - 2 times as the current most expensive SH (currently that's 2,500 so 3,750 - 5,000 CC's to unlock / 22,500,000 - 30,000,000 credits).

2) Leave ALL 15 of the unlocks for the ship and the placements. Keep the credit cost to unlock, but remove the rest (do not change the price of the unlocks).

3) REMOVE the capability for the flagship to have Perks and offer Orbital Bombardments, leave it capable of travelling from planet to planet and pick where it drops you off at, but that becomes the only benefit of having a Ship as a SH.


Personally I'd love to have the capability to have a ship I can decorate.


I don't know how much Bioware looks at the Threads for ideas, but I'd love it if they could consider this one.

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