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Operation / Group Finder Level Bug


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Operations / Group Finder Level Bug



Suddenly players under level 70 cannot use operations GF or go into an OPs.



Unfortunately I do not know when this started as we had players under 70 able to go in after 6.0.



FIRST NOTICED 3 January 2020


The first OP we tried was on Friday January 3rd, Dread Palace on Imperial Side.


Our level 66 guild mate was not allowed to enter Dread Palace. He got a message that only level 70 could enter.


Group Finder: It let the level 66 player queue and accept, but group finder would not transport the player.


We tried logging in and out, breaking group, and nothing seemed to help. The group finder and all the related text showed the expected character levels, it stated level 55 - 75 for Dread Palace.



SECOND TIME: Sunday, January 5th we tried Eternity Vault Group Finder on Imperial Side.


The EV story mission was able to be picked up as normal, but then the level 59 player was not allowed to walk into EV getting the same message about being level 70.


Tested this on my level 59 character as well as to get the screen shots. My level 59 Sorcerer could also not enter Eternity Vault getting the same message about being level 70.



Screen Shots


Mission Gained:



Message trying to walk into Eternity Vault:




Group Finder Screen Shot:



The group finder text for EV states "recommended for characters level 50 through 75

EV Text:



Less comprehensive on the in game ticket, but it is #934995557

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