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Guild Strongholds


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Given how many strongholds are currently available, and in light of the impending Alderaan Castle (OMG I'M SO EXCITED!!! I almost cried when my guild member told me about it!!), is there any way (please, Devs, please!) that we might get multiple guild strongholds? Make it unlockable only by a Cartel Coin purchase for all I care, but we have this lovely Rishi stronghold that we adore and have put so much work into.... BUT ALDERAAN! We technically already have multiple guild strongholds (with the flagship) so the system is in place for it-- please, please consider allowing us to purchase multiple? Consider the implications-- how many more people would buy different decorations for their guild once they have a place to put them? I know you can replicate decos for guilds, so guild SHs aren't as profitable as personal, but while I don't know about everyone else, TBH I barely (if ever) even use my personal SHs, a few of them aren't even completely decorated, because I'm always in guild spaces. I'll be buying the Alderaan SH anyway, and any decos I need for it, as a personal SH... but I kind of see it withering from disuse. I know I can give out keys, but a personal SH that other people can access isn't the same as a guild space that multiple people can decorate and control and feel ownership over. Please, won't you consider allowing us to purchase unlock slots for multiple guild strongholds?
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